Here's a Present for You Guys 'til Jan 2nd!

From now until Jan. 2, 2018, if you buy 3 tickets to any of my upcoming shows on the Boxed Wine And Bigfoot Tour, you get the 4th ticket FREE!  I'm no Oprah and can't give you a car, but the first round will be on me with your savings on the 4th ticket! Happy Holidays! 

Wine and mysteries go together for Kathleen Madigan

She keeps her humor firmly on the edge with wise-cracking tales of family interactions, odd human encounters and current events. It’s a course she set by accident when she stepped into a bar on open-mic comedy night 29 years ago. "I was lucky to walk into a bar,” Madigan says. “Maybe I’ll put that on my tombstone.”

Talking Standup, Boxed Wine, and Bigfoot with Kathleen Madigan

You just announced your 2018 tour called “Boxed Wine & Bigfoot.” Can you explain the name to me?

"There are two jokes in my act that go with boxed wine. Boxed wine is kind of a running theme. Bigfoot is a side obsession of mine. They’re basically my two hobbies — drinking boxed wine and watching Bigfoot clips."