Wine and mysteries go together for Kathleen Madigan

She keeps her humor firmly on the edge with wise-cracking tales of family interactions, odd human encounters and current events. It’s a course she set by accident when she stepped into a bar on open-mic comedy night 29 years ago. "I was lucky to walk into a bar,” Madigan says. “Maybe I’ll put that on my tombstone.”

Talking Standup, Boxed Wine, and Bigfoot with Kathleen Madigan

You just announced your 2018 tour called “Boxed Wine & Bigfoot.” Can you explain the name to me?

"There are two jokes in my act that go with boxed wine. Boxed wine is kind of a running theme. Bigfoot is a side obsession of mine. They’re basically my two hobbies — drinking boxed wine and watching Bigfoot clips."

Comedian Kathleen Madigan Announces New “Boxed Wine & Bigfoot” Standup Tour 2018!

National Tour Will Bring Madigan to Theaters Across the Country

Tickets Currently On Sale!

Comedian Kathleen Madigan announces her new “BOXED WINE & BIGFOOT” TOUR with dates through Spring 2018. Blasting off January 12th , 2018 Madigan will start in Boston and 30 cities later will end on June 22nd headlining the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. “I had most of the summer off, then this September toured all of Canada with Lewis Black. When I came home to this tour schedule I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s a lot of cities I know and a few that I haven’t been to which is the perfect mix.”