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Actor? Nah. Madigan would rather do her act.

Will Harris

Kathleen Madigan is having far too much fun telling jokes to pursue a TV career.

It’s not that Madigan, a veteran stand-up comic who performs at the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk on Saturday, is wholly against the idea of following the dozens of comedians who’ve made the migration to TV land. It’s never been one of her goals.

“I just don’t have any strong desire other than to keep writing and telling jokes,” she said. “I never got into this job to be an actor. To me, that’s like when people ask me, ‘So what are your other goals?’ And I’m, like, ‘Well, I don’t have any. This was the goal!’ And then I feel bad.

“But then I think, ‘Wait a minute, why should I feel bad about that?’ I mean, the goal was to tell jokes, to have fun, to make enough money to pay the bills, and to put enough money somewhere so that in retirement I’m not eating cat food… and I’m doing it.”

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Kathleen Madigan and Cedric the Entertainer discuss their trade

All I want to do is tell jokes.” In that sardonic, working-class tone that fans of her comedy know so well, Kathleen Madigan declares this during a recent phone interview. For the past couple of decades, the Florissant, Mo.-born Madigan has been first and foremost a touring stand-up comedian, hitting the road (and USO tours overseas) with such comics as her good buddies Lewis Black and Ron White.

The 47-year-old Madigan has always wanted to be successful as a working comedian; breaking into other forms of entertainment never really appealed to her. “I don’t really want to spend my life trying to be, like, on sitcoms and movies,” she says, on the phone from LA. “I mean, if somebody said, ‘Oh, here’s the part and you can guest-star,” and I happen to be home, sure. But I’m not gonna go try and audition and, you know, try to battle it out with the network.

Her experiences appearing as a contestant on the second season of Last Comic Standing, the stand-up reality competition, certainly didn’t help matters much. “I just thought the whole thing was kind of really poorly done on a lot of levels,” she remembers. Madigan initially thought it would be fun, as well as bring her more exposure. However, she didn’t like how the show was trying to portray comedians.

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Pabst Theatre Tickets

A lot of you have been itching to buy tix for Kathleen’s show in Milwaukee next April and now you finally get the chance this week. Here are the details….

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Updated Tour Schedule

Kathleen’s tour schedule has been updated into April 2013 with new dates in FL, CA, MI, WI and many other great venues around the country. If you don’t see a venue or city near you, please be patient as new dates are added regularly.

To view the schedule please click here

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Madigan takes honest approach to material

South Bend Tribune

Kathleen Madigan’s honest approach has placed her somewhere on top of the world.

The female comedian, who performs Saturday at the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa in Michigan City, was ranked one of the nine funniest women on the planet alongside such people as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Samantha Bee in an article published in the Detroit Free Press and Madigan is still modest about her ranking.

“I don’t like it when they list the nine funniest women on the planet,” Madigan says. “I’m like, settle down; there’s a half-billion Chinese ladies we haven’t even met. I don’t think it’s fair — they haven’t even had a chance.”

Although Madigan enjoys the praise, she doesn’t quite place herself in the same position as comedic actresses such as Fey. She enjoys stand-up more.

“I don’t think of myself as having the same job as Amy Poehler,” Madigan says. “I think they’re very funny and talented; it’s just it would never occur to me to be in the same group as them. It’d be like comparing a gardener and, say, a sheep farmer. It’s just very different.”

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