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Kathleen to perform at 2015 Gilda’s Laughfest

Kathleen will be making her third appearance at the 2015 Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids. MI. She will be performing along with Jim Breuer, Sinbad, and Justin Willman at one of the Fest’s signature events on March 10th, 2015. Tickets are $250 ($100 of which is tax deductible) and will benefit Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids. Tickets for this event and all the other festivities that week are now on sale through the Fest website.

Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids provides free emotional healthcare to children, adults, families, and friends on any kind of cancer journey or those grieving the death of someone in their life due to any cause.



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Kathleen to be a panelist on The Nightly Show

Kathleen will be a panelist on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Tuesday January 20th, Comedy Central 11:30pm ET.

In case you missed the show…here’s a clip of Kathleen on the panel discussing Cosby:



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Kathleen Madigan on comedy, controversy and a career in the spotlight

The tribune
January 14, 2015

For someone who can’t stand the spotlight, standup comedian Kathleen Madigan picked one hell of a career.

“If I hear somebody go ‘Kathleen!’ my immediate reaction is defensive and aggressive,” she quipped. “(Growing up) if you heard your name called, it was never good. It was like, ‘Somebody broke this lamp and your brother said it was you.'”

These days, Madigan may find it increasingly difficult to avoid attention.

Her latest comedy special, “Madigan Again,” premiered in September 2013 on Netflix, earning her an American Comedy Award nomination for best concert comic. She counts Lewis Black and Ron White among her admirers. And she’s currently racking up tour dates across the country.

Madigan, 49, grew up in the St. Louis suburb of Florissant, Mo., as part of a large, sarcastic Irish-American clan.

She and her six siblings spent much of their childhoods blissfully unsupervised by their father, a worker’s compensation lawyer, and mother, a nurse turned stay-at-home mom.

“Half the time, my mother didn’t even know where we were,” Madigan recalled. “That was fine with me. … I didn’t even want attention. I loved the lack of focus.”

Madigan worked as a bartender, waitress and newspaper reporter before trying her hand at standup comedy — cutting her teeth at open mic nights across the St. Louis area.

Money was a key motivator, she said.

“Honestly. I found out you could make 250 bucks if you had 10 minutes (of material) and could be an opening act,” said Madigan, who holds a journalism degree from Southern Illinois University. “A real job never appealed to me. I didn’t like the whole nine-to-five (thing). I just hated it.”

Comedy, in contrast, “comes easy to me,” she added.

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Kathleen’s next special to be filmed in Milwaukee

We know you all have been clamouring for a new special and now one is on the horizon!

Kathleen will film her next special this October in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theatre. We’ll have all the details on dates, times and ticket sales soon. Stay tuned!



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Kathleen Madigan to Perform Aces of Comedy Show at The Mirage

By: Jena Pugh
Best of Vegas

When Jay Leno says you’re “One of America’s funniest female comics” and Lewis Black calls you “the funniest woman in America” you know you’ve hit your comedic sweet spot. Kathleen Madigan has done just that and now she’s spreading her hilarity in Las Vegas when she makes a stop at the Mirage for a one-night-only show June 12.

If you don’t know Kathleen Madigan you don’t know funny. The female comedian has spent the past 25 years performing on nearly every standup television show ever made including appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” David Letterman, Conan, Craig Ferguson and many more. She’s worked her way from the bottom to being one of the funniest comedians (not just funniest female) of all time. Along the way she has racked in the awards and gained the respect of some big names in the industry. When you see her show at the Mirage you’ll understand why.

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