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Funny lady Kathleen Madigan returns to Beaver Creek

Vail Daily
Caramie Schnell

Comedian Kathleen Madigan has been in the stand-up business long enough that’s she’s seen the changes in media over the years from the interviewees perspective. Or rather, she’s heard it. There are two things that stand out. First, whereas interviewers who called her used to at least know a little something about comedy, now the person asking the questions might have read her Wikipedia page before picking up the phone, and that’s about it.

“It used to be very specified, like there was the theater review person who just wrote about plays and stuff, and there was the movie guy and then you had the concert lady,” she said. “Now it’s just all so blurred. I think people are getting stuff thrown on their desk and you can tell they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s like if someone said ‘Hey, Kathleen, you have to call and interview this opera lady.’”

And two, the sheer numbers of interview requests have gone up exponentially.

“Now we’re counting blogs and websites as media,” she said. “It could be a guy in his basement in his underwear who has a blog, but I guess it doesn’t hurt for me to talk to him. I think in the end, in five or 10 years or so, it’ll wash out as to what’s real and what’s not, but right now, everything kind of is. It’s just fragmented right now.”

In other words, Madigan might get stuck for hours on the phone doing interviews.

“You could literally talk about yourself to different people for 24 hours a day, for a year. It’d be wonderful if you were a narcissist; you couldn’t wait to wake up every day,” she said. “But it’s the four interviews in between the other 12 that just drag. They suck your soul out.”

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Weekend shows added!

A few ways to see Kathleen this weekend….

If you are in the SoCal area, Kathleen will be playing The Ice House and Hollywood Improv this Friday and Saturday. She’ll be working on her new special, which she’s taping in Detroit in May, so come out and get a preview. Here are all the details…

The Ice House
Pasadena, CA
Friday, March 29th
8:30PM & 10:30PM

Hollywood Improv
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, March 30th
8:00PM & 10:00PM

If you can’t make it to Cali this weekend, you can catch Kathleen on The View’s Day of Comedy, Friday March 29th on ABC. Check The View website for air times and channels in your area.



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Comedian Kathleen Madigan brings her history to the stage

Colorado Springs Independent
Kirsten Akens

“Stuff just flies into my head and then I say it out loud onstage,” the 47-year-old comedian says during a phone interview from her home in Los Angeles. “I do have words written down so I remember the topic — like, I’ll write ‘post office,’ or whatever, so I remember what I’m talking about, but I don’t write jokes.”

It’s a habit that might have been influenced by the environment in which she grew up. She describes her parents and siblings as funny in a sarcastic way — without them putting any effort into it.

“Mom’s funny in a dry, dark way. My dad’s more of a storyteller guy … I would be a version of my dad, edited maybe.”

Of course, what works, works. And it’s worked for Madigan for 24 years. She tours regularly, has had specials on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central, and has released four CDs and two DVDs, most recently 2010′s Gone Madigan.

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See Kathleen in WHY WE LAUGH: Funny Women This week on Showtime

Kathleen was one of many fantastic female comics interviewed for the Showtime doc Funny Women:Why We Laugh. Narrated and executive produced by Joan Rivers, the doc is an uncensored look into the lives of female stand-up comedians. Featuring interviews and live performance footage from some of today’s most prominent female voices in stand-up comedy and entertainment, this revealing documentary sheds light on the legacy of the female comedian and the dedication, courage and passion that is required to be successful in the male dominated stand-up comedy business.

The doc premiers on Showtime, Thursday, March 21st at 8pm. Check out the Showtime website for more info on airdates and times.



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Kathleen In Studio With Stephanie Miller

Kathleen will be in the studio tomorrow morning with Stephanie Miller!

Stephanie Miller Show
Tuesday, March 5th
6am – 9am PT

To find a station in your area or to listen online:
Stephanie Miller Website

Thanks for tuning in!



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