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Kathleen Madigan (Variety Playhouse Feb. 28) stays focused on her comedy

By: Rodney Ho
Atlanta Journal Courier
February 12, 2015

Kathleen Madigan is one of those stand-up comics who comes across so casually and comfortably on stage, she could just as easily be in your living room with a glass of chardonnay after dinner just hanging out.

Her low-key charm is decidedly anti-Kardashian. She isn’t all about bolstering her brand. She isn’t creating a line of jewelry or coming up with a reality show focused on herself. She isn’t gunning for a starring role on a sitcom.

Madigan just loves to stand up on a stage and tell stories.

She will talk to the press to promote her comedy dates, including her upcoming two shows at the Variety Playhouse Feb. 28. She found Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s reluctance to speak to media before the Super Bowl grating.

“He was being a big baby,” she said. “My Midwestern work ethic has no patience for that. Just answer the questions and be gone.”

Madigan has been in the comedy game for a quarter century. She has been able to make a good living spinning jokes. And she likes the freedom of being the boss. But she is big enough that she has folks handling her booking, her books, her publicity, even her online presence. “I don’t really want to be a boss but I have to have employees,” she said.

She is no Donald Trump. Her firing style tends to be as laid back and real as her stand-up. She said she often remains friends with them. “Usually, they know it’s not working out. They end up agreeing with me,” she said.

Her best buddy is Lewis Black, the irascible stand-up who is performing at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre May 1. “He has a tour manager, a bus driver, a merchandise guy. I sometimes hang out with him on the road. It’s fun but not fun enough for me to deal with all that responsibility.”

She is popular enough in Atlanta that she can do two dates at the 1,000-seat capacity Variety, where she performed last in 2013.

“It’s kind of raw,” Madigan said. “It’s kind of clubby. I like the vibe. I’d rather do two shows there than one in a larger theater that feels sterile and uptight. Some of these places, I feel like I should be doing a lecture on dolphins, they’re so serious.”

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Here’s an Idea….Brian Williams

Kathleen has a bit of advice for Brian Williams



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5 Around Town’s 5 favorite things about Kathleen Madigan at Charleston Music Hall

By Dani Dudek
Feb 09, 2015

Comedian Kathleen Madigan performed at the Charleston Music Hall on Saturday with opening act Vic Henley. Madigan has appeared in numerous TV talk shows and has her own one hour special called “Gone Madigan” that premiered on Showtime and is now available on Netflix Here are our 5 Around Town five favorite moments of the packed show in Charleston.

1 – When the Alabama born Henley talked football in the South, he called Steve Spurrier “the head cock” and joked about how silly the rest of the country is for thinking their teams are real football teams.

2 – Henley’s Paula Deen accent is spot on. His recipe for fried lard? Not so much.

3 – Joking about Bill Cosby’s alter ego, Madigan said, “He’s not Cliff Huxtable! I wouldn’t see a cast member from Gillian’s Island and wonder, how’d they make it off the island?”

4 – When making a very timely statement about the Brian Williams scandal, Madigan told a story about being on an overseas mission with Lance Armstrong. “I had to listen to Lance talk about himself for two hours and didn’t throw him out of helicopter. I shoulda gotten a medal!”

5 – Discussing how to get people to cough up money for any kind of fundraiser, Madigan suggests using Sarah McLaughlin. Have you seen those sad animal ads? That’s the way you make things happen!

The laughs didn’t stop there. Madigan followed up her night in Charleston by live tweeting the Grammys, making statements like, “Kanye wore his best Al Sharpton velour track suit tonight. He and Kim deserve each other.”

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Kathleen Madigan is one happy stand-up

By: Maria Martin
Charleston City Paper
February 4, 2015

Kathleen Madigan has performed on every late night show you can think of, from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman to Conan and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She’s also done many comedy specials — one of which, Madigan Again, is currently available to stream on Netflix — and won several comedy awards, including the American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian.

But the comedian began her comedy career on a whim. Twenty-five years ago, she was working as a bartender next door to a comedy club and one day, she and a friend went to the club for a drink. The comedy club happened to be hosting an open mic night, and she and her friend each tried it out for fun. After that, Madigan just kept doing it. “You just keep going to open mic nights until you get enough time to do, like, 10 solid minutes,” she says. “Then there are gigs around every city that pay $20, $50, and you just hope you get asked to do one of those.”

Through her persistence, Madigan’s comedy career emerged. She can’t point to one moment when she realized that she was going to be able to make it as a comedian. “It’s kind of a day-by-day thing. There’s no one thing or time or moment, you just keep doing something every day, and you just keep getting a little bit better each day,” she says. “It’s very, very slow.”

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A few words with comedian Kathleen Madigan

The State
February 3, 2015

Months ago, fans of comedian Kathleen Madigan made plans to catch her first appearance in Columbia. The show sold out early on – despite the fact that local audiences tend to have a commitment phobia.

Madigan’s Midwestern, middle-aged humor – making fun of her parents, speaking in dialect – has made her one of the most popular standup comics in the country.

“Very accessible and very, very funny,” said Katie Fox, director of the 400-seat Harbison Theatre at Midlands Tech, the venue, in its third season, that’s bringing Madigan to town.

Fans are coming from as far away as West Virginia to laugh with Madigan, booked at some point by nearly every late-night and standup TV show. She loves performing and has turned down a host of writing jobs to stay on the road 300 days a year.

So take heart: Locals who didn’t jump at the chance to see her Friday night are likely to get another shot before long.

Meanwhile, here’s an email Madigan sent in response to our query about Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel meteorologist. About a year ago, Cantore shrugged off a college student in Charleston who, in a highly publicized stunt, ran into the weatherman during a live broadcast about a coming storm. Cantore kneed the kid and kept right on talking. Madigan – who may have dealt with a heckler or two of her own during a 25-year career – rhapsodized:

“Jim Cantore’s episode in SC is EXACTLY why I love the Weather Channel. Not that I want Jim injured, but it’s really the only reality show on TV. …

Jim has no script and is thrown into crazy weather with crazy people all around him and both are capable of mayhem at any time. Yes, that’s a channel I want to watch. And even I have bouncers at a theater. Not Jim.

“You’re on your own, sir. Hope you’ve been to the gym lately. This tornado could throw a board at your face or a kid from Charleston might do a Jackie Chan impression to your groin.



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