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Comedian to perform at Norfolk’s Attucks Theater

By Yiorgio
The Flagship
November 21, 2015

Comedian extraordinaire Kathleen Madigan will be performing live at the historic Attucks Theater in Norfolk Nov. 21, at 8:00 p.m. Over her distinguished 25-year career, she has performed in many parts of the world and nearly every standup television show ever made.

From Leno to Letterman, to Conan to Ferguson, from HBO and Comedy Central specials to Showtime and Netflix, Madigan has seen and done it all, and she recently sat down to talk about her career and bringing her show to Norfolk.

Yiorgo: Why did you decide to become a stand up comic?

Kathleen Madigan: I’m from Ferguson, Missouri and most of my jobs were in restaurants and working at bars. I’ve always liked to tell jokes and get that immediate cash. I went with a buddy of mine across the street from where I was working where they had open mike and because there were only like 30 people maybe in the crowd we decided to go for it. It was not a big leap for me because I did that across the street anyway as a bartender. First I did it as a hobby but once a hobby is bringing in more than what you’re making to survive you say I’m going to do the hobby then. The key is to make it over the hump of what you need to exist week in and week out.

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The road, not TV, is the place for comedian Madigan

By Tad Dickens
The Roanoke Times
November 20, 2015

Kathleen Madigan is sure she has found the greatest job on earth in stand-up comedy.

Lots of comics use their careers as a springboard for television or movies. Madigan, who plays Jefferson Center on Sunday, has done plenty of TV, but doesn’t much enjoy it.

“I don’t really want any of that,” Madigan said in a phone call last week. “When I first went to L.A., I thought, OK, I’ll see what all this is about — sitcoms, all that stuff. It’s not for me.

“Life is too short for me to be investing in stuff that I don’t even like. Would it be good to have my own sitcom? Maybe. But first of all, you’d have to go through so many walls and layers of nonsense I can’t even explain it. Then it has to get on the air. Then it has to be popular. Then is has to stay on for four years to get into syndication if you’re really going to get your bang for your buck.

“Even if I loved it, I don’t know if I would go through that, and I don’t like it at all.”

Madigan, 49, was reminded recently when she joined her friend, comic Lewis Black, on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Another friend joined them over the course of a full day. While Black waited for his scene, Madigan and their friend drank a half-bottle of wine, took naps, walked the TV studio lot twice, ate dinner in the commissary and went over Black’s lines with him.

“All of this for what is going to be a 5-minute scene? Oh, no no no no no, no, no, no, noooooo. No, no, no.”

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Comedian Kathleen Madigan enjoys the life of a comic

By Mike Holtzclaw
Daily Press
November 20, 2014

A comedian can never admit to being happy. It’s part of the job to complain about things, to be aggravated and befuddled by life’s indignities.

To be funny, you’ve always got to have something under your skin.

Just don’t tell Kathleen Madigan.

“No complaints — zero,” she said in a recent phone interview. “I have a wonderful job and I’m doing exactly what I want to do. Things couldn’t really be any better.”

Madigan, who performs at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk on Friday night, swears she is not exaggerating her good fortune in describing her satisfaction with life.

“There’s this image of comedians as miserable, depressed, brooding people,” she said. “I have this friend who used to be a comedian, and now he’s a director and writer and stuff. Last time we talked, he said, ‘I’m working on this thing, and I’ve been at it 12 hours today.’ He sounded tired. I told him, ‘You quit the greatest job on the planet – you could have worked 90 minutes today!’”

The 49-year-old St. Louis native has risen to the top of her field — Lewis Black calls her “the funniest comic in America, bar none” – with a comedic style that reflects her Midwestern upbringing.

She is sarcastic, but not mean. She is not profane, but she doesn’t go out of her way to be squeaky-clean either. She talks about politics, but not in a specifically partisan way.

“I really do feel like the political system we have now is absurd,” she said. “Whether you’re talking about Republicans or Democrats or Tea Party or whatever it may be.

“On the night of an election, everyone says, ‘How is so-and-so going to feel when they wake up the next morning after losing?’ I’ll tell you how they’re going to feel. They’re all millionaires. All of them. They’re going to wake up and say: ‘Oh, my god, I lost! But – oh, yeah – I’m still a millionaire.’ Mitt Romney and John Kerry are the same person. They have seven homes, private jets and a staff. What are the issues they’ll fight for? Easier access to private airports?”

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Comedian Kathleen Madigan returns to Easton with consistent, hilarious set

By Dustin Schoof
The Express-Times
October 19, 2015

Kathleen Madigan did not have to dig deep for material on Friday night at the State Theatre. She instead poked fun at her family and herself.

The comedian on Friday returned to Easton for a performance that did not skimp on laughs, frequently using her family as fodder throughout the night.

Madigan poked fun at a brother-in-law, growing up with several siblings and her love of “House Hunters,” among other topics.

Madigan joked that when other comedians ask if if she parties, she responds, “If a party is sitting on my couch in my yoga pants with a glass of wine and watching ‘House Hunters,’ then, yeah, I party.”

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Kathleen Madigan: Owner of a ceramic fox named Easton and 14 other things we learned from interviewing the comedian

By: Dustin Schoof
The Express-Times
October 9, 2014

Comedian Kathleen Madigan is a late-night talk show staple and, according to The Detroit Free Press and, one of the “9 Funniest Women on the Planet.”

Her latest standup special, “Madigan Again,” was released in September on Netflix.

On Oct. 17, she returns to the State Theatre in Easton. Madigan last performed at the theater in 2012.

But did you know Madigan enjoys collecting ceramic animals and other curiosities from the cities she visits, including a ceramic Big Foot? Or that she is a fan of Bud Light?

Here are 15 things we learned about Madigan during a recent phone interview:

1.) She keeps a purple ceramic fox named “Easton” in her backyard.

The comedian says she purchased the ceramic critter from Easton-based boutique shop Mercantile Home during her last visit to the city. She named it Easton and keeps it in her backyard to remind her of the city from which it came. Madigan also purchased a ceramic squirrel, and unbeknownst to him, sent it to comedian Lewis Black to freak him out.

“I can find really weird stuff in Montana, but not if I’m Cleveland or St. Louis,” Madigan says. “I’ve got to go to little towns like Easton to find it.”

2.) Theater performances tend to attract looser audiences.

“(In) Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, there are certain states that have these old-timey, cool theaters. Even though I do (shows) at them, performing arts centers sometimes are staid and a little bit uptight,” she says.

3.) Madigan compares seeing her stand-up to watching the original “Arthur.”

“It’s an hour and a half of an escape,” Madigan says. “It’s like watching a movie, you’ve had a lot of fun, there’s no underlying message. I compare it to the movie ‘Arthur.’ I don’t remember why I like it but Dudley Moore is funny.”

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