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Q&A with Kathleen Madigan

Katherine Coplen

For such a funny person, Kathleen Madigan’s pretty serious. She’s serious about selling tickets; she’s serious about being done with podcasts; and she’s really serious about jokes. Jokes like “I am going to hell and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll finally get to meet Madonna.” Or “If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?” Or “Kids: It’s like living with homeless people.”

Madigan, 47, has spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan (on a USO Holiday Tour with Lewis Black and Robin Williams), but her time on NBC’s Last Comic Standing may have been more grueling, as she told us during a recent phone interview.

NUVO: I heard you say on a morning radio show when asked about your plans for the future: “I haven’t planned anything thus far, and it’s turned out great.” Still not planning?

Kathleen Madigan: I don’t plan anything. I mean, things happen. The night before last, I was taping another Ron White Salute to the Troops special for CMT that they show all year long. It’s the third one, and I didn’t plan on that. I just like telling jokes, so as long as I have gigs, to me that’s fine. I don’t really want to be in movies, I don’t want a sitcom. This was my goal, to tell jokes in front of real people without television cameras; to just have a live night and then go to the bar. That was the plan, and it’s worked out perfectly.

NUVO: I feel like those younger comics are flipping over to the insane comedy podcast scene. Comedians are the only group of people that will break every boundary in interviews – way more interesting to me than musicians or politicians. Do you listen to any comedy podcasts? I know you’ve been on quite a few.

Madigan: I think [the podcast scene] is like comedy clubs. There’s too many now. Comedy went from a bunch of really good clubs to billions of clubs and now we’re back to just the good clubs. I think the podcast thing – there’s probably ten people that should actually be doing it, and now everybody’s doing it. I mean, I’m surprised my mom doesn’t have one. It’s that overdone.

I don’t want to be mean, but [podcasters], come on, I’ve done a hundred of these. You’re too late. I’m done. I’m out. I mean, Marc Maron’s [WTF] is great and worth doing. There’s probably ten that are worth it and the rest, it’s just an hour with my moron friend. Just come over to the house and then you can tape what we talk about. But I do not want to go to your weird garage in god knows where with my GPS that’s going to have to find your apartment. No. It’s just too crazy. [Some of them] get like 2,000 listeners. What does that mean, really? How does that translate into somebody coming to a show? I guess, maybe it does. It seems like a distraction. If you’ve got to focus on your podcast, just go write some jokes.

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New special to tape in May!

For all of you who have worn out your Gone Madigan DVD, a new special is on the horizon! Kathleen will be taping Madigan Again May 4th at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 15th at noon ET. There will be two shows. Get your tickets at the Royal Oak Music Theatre Website.

We don’t have a release date just yet. Will let you know the minute we do.

And check out the nifty ad!

Madigan Again


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The Observations of Kathleen Madigan

Northern Express
Rick Coates

When comedian Kathleen Madigan vistied Traverse City for the first time four years ago she was pretty excited as she pulled up to City Opera House to perform.

“I was like, ‘Wow! Look at all of these people lined up,’ and I said to the person who picked me up at the airport, ‘Hey that guy looks like Michael Moore.’ Of course my driver explained to me it was Michael Moore,” said Kathleen Madigan. “Then I learned there was this big Film Festival coming to town in a month and that the line was actually for people trying to get tickets to see Madonna.”

Madigan ended up having a full house that night and now she is back for an encore performance on Thursday, February 14 at the City Opera House. Madigan was already scheduled before the Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival dates were set but now her “Gone Madigan” performance will serve at the Fesitval’s opening event.


She began her comedic career as a journalist working at various suburban St. Louis newspapers after graduating from journalism school in 1987. On weekends she would frequent openmic comedy clubs until one day she decided to give up her day time gig to pursue standup full time. She packed her bags and moved west.

“If you want to be in comedy and just traveling the circuit you have to live in either LA or New York,” said Madigan. “I chose LA since this is where most of the late night shows take place.”

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Radio – Friday February 8th

Kathleen will be doing some Midwest radio tomorrow. Here’s the list….

Live (all times ET):
WVFM “Morning Show” – 8:45am
WKZO-AM “Morning Show With Lori Moore” – 9:45am
Bob and Tom Show – 10am

Taped interview – check with the station for air time:
WYXB “Sean Copeland”


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Comic Kathleen Madigan to play Palladium

Tampa Bay Times
Sharon Kennedy Wynne

Comedian Ron White introduced her during one of his recent Salute to the Troops comedy specials on CMT as “the funniest woman on the planet,” and she’s been on the Tonight Show more times than even she can count, so why isn’t this celebrated comic who’s widely revered by other comedians not more famous?

“My career has never been a bonfire, it’s just one more log on the fire at a time,” Madigan said in a phone interview from her L.A. home that she rarely stays in. “It’s all just another thing to add: a comedy special, CMT, Sirius radio.” And the list goes on, from VH1′s I Love the (insert decade) specials to Celebrity Poker Showdown to a 2011 Showtime special, Gone Madigan.

She first came to the attention of middle America on the second season of Last Comic Standing, an NBC reality show that pitted comics against each other for a TV contract.

She was among a strong group of comics that included eventual winner John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden, Gary Gulman and Ant. She was the only one that no one ever challenged, which meant she got little screen time.

“I kept saying, ‘Ant, come on man, challenge me,’ ” and he’d say ‘No way. I’ll lose.’

“That’s one of the flaws of the show. Good comics got voted out because people never got to see them perform.”

She made it to the finals but when it came time for the home audience to vote, she was eliminated.

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