Kathleen Madigan Telling Jokes at Yoshi’s SF

NBC Bay Area.com
Corey Andrew
Friday, Sep 6, 2013

Kathleen Madigan is often called the funniest person in the room—typically by fellow comics like Lewis Black and Ron White—and she will aim to keep that distinction at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on Sat., Sept. 14.

It’s the first time Madigan will perform at the venue after a quarter century of telling jokes.

“There’s a resurgence in the type of place my parents would have called ‘the supper club,'” Madigan said of the classy joint. It’s more relaxed than a comedy club, more intimate than a theater and offers better food and drink options than both.

“And you’re not with a bunch of college kids or a bachelorette party like at the Funny Bone,” she laughed.

St. Louis Native Madigan spent the first decade of her career paying her dues, and now that she’s been consistently headlining at theaters and clubs across the globe, some people—even her agents—expect her to take that next step: wacky neighbor on a sitcom or talk show co-host.

But, for Madigan, there is no next step.

“I want to do a one-time seminar called something along the lines of Drop Your Goals. I don’t know what type of freak started it—Oprah probably—vision boards and dream catchers. Why can’t you just enjoy your life?” she said.

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