Comedian Kathleen Madigan will film her latest comedy special in Royal Oak

The Detroit News
Neal Rubin
April 25, 2013

There were multiple high-powered and important meetings involved in setting up Kathleen Madigan’s new comedy special, which will be filmed next week in Royal Oak. If she tries hard, she might be able to remember some of them.

Her role basically consisted of answering the question, “Detroit? Why the hell are we going to Detroit?” Beyond that, she says, she mostly drifted off.

The business end of a television special is complicated, she explains, which is to say confusing. As someone who only recently learned that her DVD player could receive movies digitally from Netflix — the big sticker on it that said “Netflix” wasn’t enough of a clue — her time is better spent pondering other things, like how to greet people.

“I always say, ‘Nice to see you,'” says Madigan, 47. Not “Good to meet you,” because that has a very high embarrassment potential: “Meet me? I was your sister’s bridesmaid.” No, it’s better to go with nice-to-see-you, “like there’s some sort of natural disaster and we all survived.”

Madigan was speaking from her oft-empty home in West Hollywood. (“Me and 9,000 gay men, and it’s lovely. Everybody’s yard looks nice.”)

Soon, she would be off to Milwaukee. Next up: Sheboygan, Wis., and then Orlando, her last stop before Michigan on May 4.

“I love the road,” she says, which is good, because she’s on it a lot, even if she’s not driving from bowling alleys to Moose Lodges in a Mercury Tracer anymore.

At her level, she’s mostly flying in and playing showrooms like the Royal Oak Music Theatre. It wasn’t long ago, though, that she came home and found her prize $7 freshwater gray shark had leaped from his tank and expired on the sofa.

“Even the fish were saying, ‘This life is ridiculous.'”

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