Kathleen Madigan won’t try to be happy, but she will try to make you laugh

Kalamazoo Gazette
Mark Wedel

Kathleen Madigan is happy, really.

Friday, Feb. 15, the comedian will be headlining Miller Auditorium for her first time. That’s a larger venue than the State Theatre, which she played in 2005 and 2010.

She’s been getting larger venues and doing more TV. In early February she did a CMT “Comedy Salute” special with Ron White in Las Vegas. And she’ll be taping her own special somewhere in the Midwest in May.

Madigan doesn’t want a sitcom, doesn’t do movies. “I don’t really do other stuff, so I’m always just kind of happy,” she said from her home in Los Angeles.

Other than standup, no other goals? “I had one, and achieved it, and am pretty happy.” She paused. “I just looked in my purse. I don’t have any more goals.”

As seen in her 2011 special, Showtime’s “Gone Madigan,” she often brings up the subject of her sister, who is always happy and perky, “like a golden retriever.”

Madigan is of the personality type who doesn’t make an effort to be cheerful all of the time.

“I really don’t!” The need to be happy constantly, “I think it’s a myth, I don’t know where it started, I put some of the blame on Oprah, probably, that you have to be happy all the time. What? That’s a bad goal,” she said.

“Life itself is chaos, and I don’t even say this in a bad way.”

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