Green Bay Press – Midwestern sensibility fuels Madigan’s irreverent comedy

She was born in St. Louis and lives in Los Angeles, but put a Cheesehead on Kathleen Madigan and you get the feeling she could easily pass for a Wisconsinite.

With virtually no prompting, the 46-year-old comedian brought up cows, farms, the Green Bay Packers, beer and winter weather when she checked in by phone last week in advance of her Friday stand-up date at the Meyer Theatre. As far as casual conversational checkpoints within state lines on any given January day go, you have to admit that’s a rather impressive showing.

Chalk it up to that Midwestern sensibility that helps fuel her irreverent comedy.

Madigan has described it as a time-tested blend of “Midwest logic with sarcasm mixed with resignation that it’s all out of our control at the end of the day, so just have a drink.’’ Not surprising, she has found it’s a style of humor that resonates with audiences in the heartland.

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