Hey world, comedian Kathleen Madigan says ‘tone it down a level’

KALAMAZOO — Kathleen Madigan would like us all to chill out, please. Let her tell a Sarah Palin joke now and then, OK?

She touches on politics in her set, but the majority of it is about her slightly cranky view of the world.

For example, she’ll tell how, as a single 40-something comedienne, she’d like to reply to families who send holiday cards with photos of their many kids — with a photo Xmas card of her peacefully sleeping to 11 a.m.

“Yes, it’s the story of my life. I’ve now become the crazy aunt. But everyone has to have one, right? The fun, crazy aunt who jokes and smokes and gives you $20,” Madigan said from her home in the Los Angeles area.

Madigan seems normal, compared to other comedians. But she has a cynical twist, and cranky thoughts that she often lets out of her head

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